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What is Natural Rearing?

"I pray you who own me, let me continue to live close to Nature. Know that: I love to run beneath the sun, the moon and the stars; I need to feel the storm winds around me, and the touch of rain, hail, sleet and snow; I need to splash in streams and brooks, and to swim in ponds, lakes, rivers and seas; I need to be allowed to retain my kinship with Nature." – Juliette de Bairacli Levy, The Complete Herbal Handbook For Dog and Cat.


Natural Rearing is much more than just one thing like a diet; it is a holistic approach to life. Simply put... it's about utilizing the old-time, natural ways, essentially caring for dogs as close to nature as possible. It's about eliminating inappropriate and toxic substances from every area of life. Avoiding chemical assaults in the garden as well as household cleaners and grooming products. It's about Not putting toxic substances in, on or around dogs-- this includes flea and tick products, routine deworming, and vaccinating. In fact, Natural Rearing is better for your human family’s health, environmentally-friendly, and even beneficial for livestock and wildlife!


Juliette de Bairacli Levy coined the phrase "Natural Rearing". Around 1930, while studying to be a veterinarian, this intrepid Englishwoman began rearing her Afghan Hounds naturally - feeding raw foods, and treating disease with herbs. For decades her book "The Complete Herbal Handbook For The Dog and Cat" and the formulas therein have been a relied-upon reference of owners and breeders around the world.


The very foundation of Natural Rearing is building a strong immune system. A dog thus fortified is better able to handle All disease from within. This is accomplished by feeding raw meaty bones and organs, fresh air, clean water, minimal stress, appropriate exercise, and lots of love; using natural alternatives to chemicals/medication when appropriate; supporting natural immunity so each dog has the opportunity to live a long life full of vitality; in turn, passing this strength to future generations.


Natural Rearing also involves a vaccine-free protocol relying on the dogs' own natural immune responses and healing ability to see it through a disease cycle; along with the help of natural modalities when needed be that herbs, homeopathy, essential oils, or any other. Evidence confirms that dogs not given vaccines are far stronger and resistant to disease than those who have had annual vaccinations.


Natural Rearing is not a passing fad... it is a lifestyle. Commitment to it will change your dog’s life and your view of the world. Our dogs truly thrive on Natural Rearing!

We do not mean to imply that this is the only way of rearing dogs. However, experience shows it is the optimal method of feeding and rearing which raises and maintains the dog's overall good health and vitality. In turn, the dogs’ immune system can function at the prime level.


As Natural Rearing Coaches we will gladly assist you in learning how to apply the principles of Natural Rearing with your own companions! 


A Brilliant Gem

To us, Natural Rearing is like a high-quality diamond to which many precisely cut facets are applied in order for its brilliance to shine outwardly, like a fire within.


Those “facets” in Natural Rearing are a species-appropriate raw diet, being vaccine-free, no chemicals in, on, or around the dog, and the use of natural modalities if needed (allopathic veterinary methods reserved for trauma injuries, emergency, and diagnostics). Natural Rearing is about getting back to basics and the nature of how canines were created.

Some feel there is no need to follow all of the Natural Rearing principles; that it is just as beneficial to simply include some raw meat in their dog's diet or to “minimally” vaccinate. There is some truth to this reasoning in the sense that if one weren't doing even those things their dog would be worse off. However, the problem with that reasoning is that removing any one principle significantly reduces the overall and long-term beneficial effects. Each and every facet must be present for Natural Rearing to brilliantly shine like the beautiful gem it is!

​A feeling of responsibility as a steward of the amazing Yorkie breed and commitment to the increased health and longevity of future generations runs deep within my heart. As a Natural Rearing Breeder, you have my word that I  keep to every principle of Natural Rearing so that you may enjoy your companion for many years to come.

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