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I have 4 Females that are being retired. Two of them are 4 yrs old, One of them is 22 months old and the other just turned 1 year. Click on their highlighted names to take you to the page to view their details.

I imported these girls from some of the BEST Polish, Russian and German Breeders there are. Each of these girls is EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY!

Portia and Coco are looking for a Pet home ONLY  These two girls are sisters and have been together since birth and MUST remain together. Please do NOT contact me if you can not/will not take BOTH! I will need my completed puppy questionnaire submitted BEFORE you contact me. I will not be discussing with anyone that hasn't submitted my questionnaire. If it's been more than 1 year since you've submitted my questionnaire, please submit a new one UNLESS you have already gotten a puppy from me. YES! There will be a re-homing fee and they must continue to be Naturally Reared. These girls just turned 4 years old and both weigh about 5-5.5 lbs. You can see pics of both on "My Females" page. When/If approved, the holding fee for both girls will be required to reserve them until ready.





Ruby is a KB black Yorkie and is looking for a pet home ONLY. You can see pics of Ruby on "My Females" page. Ruby will be 2 years old March 19th. Ruby weighs about 5lbs. YES! There will be a re-homing fee. She will also require a holding fee to hold until she is ready to leave.

Ruby (Kb Black) is 22 months old (will be 2 years old on March 19th) She is very loving. Barks only when she plays with another dog. She will also smile at you. She is a sweetheart. She’s had 2 litters that both needed C-sections. She just isn’t built to have babies. She is scheduled with my Vet to be spayed/dental on May 17th so wouldn't be ready until around the end of May if I spay/dental her.**No registration papers will be given**


If I spay/dental her $2300

If you spay/dental her $1800





**ON HOLD Dior is a Rare and Expensive Gold dust Yorkie and she is looking for a pet home ONLY. You can see pics of her on my "My Females" page.

She just turned 1 yr old on 12/25/22. She is so calm, piddle pad trained, hardly ever barks. Dior is very timid and sweet. She is a true Diva dog. She just isn’t going to be big enough to breed. She weighs about 4.75lbs. She has recently had a dental so that isn’t needed. **No registration papers will be given**


All puppies will go home with a "Go Home" package of goodies, food, treats, toy, bully stick, microchip, tons of info, your baby will be piddle pad trained and pre-spoiled!

Merry is a Very Dark Traditional that probably carries  chocolate and Parti.
Pet Price $2700
Charting about 6 lbs


Noel is a stunning Chocolate Sable Girl
that probably carries Parti. She is being placed as a pet ONLY. She is probably only going to be about 3lbs but may end up smaller.
$3100 Pet only


Journey is a Gorgeous Chocolate Merle Girl. I will post her estimated adult weight and price when she is 6-7 weeks old.
She may be staying here at Amore'

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