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I am also placing Winter and Envy. Please check out "My Females" Page and "Available Females" for the details

Coco and Phoenix are expecting! She is due around October 4, 2022!

Color possibilities for Coco's litter are Traditional, Chocolate, Recessive Black, Sable, Blue Merle, Blackberry Merle, Sable Merle and Chocolate Merle!

Willow and Vader are expecting! She is due sometime around October 10th!

Color possibilities for Willow's litter are Traditional, Kb black, Sable and Chocolate, Blue Merle, Chocolate Merle, Sable Merle and Blackberry Merle.

Ruby is in heat now and will be bred to Vader. 

Color possibilities for Ruby's litter are Traditional and Kb with Kb being what I expect her to have.

Portia is in heat and will be bred to Phoenix. I will update here when she has been bred and her expected due date.

Color possibilities from this breeding are Traditional, Recessive Black, Chocolate, Parti, Sable, Black and white Parti, Chocolate Parti, Sable Parti, Blue Merle, Chocolate Merle, Blueberry Parti Merle, Sable Merle

If you would like to send a "Spot deposit" to be one of the first to choose a puppy from my upcoming litter(s), please send me a message and I will send the details.

I am a Natural Rearing Breeder and I only place my babies in homes that will continue to raise them naturally (It is in my contract) If you're not sure what a Naturally Rearing Breeder is, I have a page here that will explain. 

I'm a small breeder and am very passionate about the puppies I bring into this world and raise. I feel a responsibility to them and promise each of them I will do my very best to make good choices for them. If you are not in agreement with any of this, there are many breeders who don't give two flips about the life the puppy has after they go to their new homes, they don't screen prospective homes, etc. You should probably find one of them to get your puppy from as I'm not the right Breeder for you. I am very up front about being a Natural Rearing Breeder and how I raise my babies. Please take some time to read through my website to familiarize yourself with my program. 

I can not give specific pricing (so please do not ask) until my puppies are at least 6-7 weeks old. Pricing is based on color, sex, conformation, estimated adult weight, pet or full registration, etc. I understanding needing a "ballpark" estimate on pricing so you can click here for estimated prices.

I DO Health, Color and DNA Testing on ALL my dogs!

Occasionally I need to re-home dogs that I retire from my program or puppies/young adults that didn't reach the desired size for breeding or have minor faults that disqualify them for my breeding program. 

All of my older pups and adults are either already spayed/neutered, or they are placed on a strict spay & neuter contract. They are available only as family pets with NO REGISTRATION PAPERS.

Price is determined by age, if a dog has already been spayed/neutered, and if it had a recent dental or teeth cleaning.


Please Note...My puppies are for sale until I receive a "Reservation Fee". This Reservation Fee is a commitment and is non- refundable but it is deducted from the price of the puppy.  If you require additional puppy pics, pics of parents, or anything extra in general, I will be happy to provide it if I can but please know that the puppy could be sold while you are waiting for my schedule to allow for me to accommodate your specific request .  Thanks!

If you are inquiring about a puppy that is currently available, please fill out my puppy questionnaire. I do not place puppies without this questionnaire completed. Thank you!